Hello. My name is Alan Jacobs. I am Distinguished Professor of Humanities in the Honors Program at Baylor University, and a Senior Fellow of the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia.

My next book will be called Breaking Bread with the Dead: A Literary Guide to a Tranquil Mind, and will be published in September by Penguin Press. You may get a brief preview of it by reading this essay. The book is currently available for pre-order. If you follow that link you will see that people of infallible wisdom commend it.


I write a more-or-less-weekly newsletter, which you may subscribe to here.

My previous book is called The Year of Our Lord 1943: Christian Humanism in an Age of Crisis.

Before that I published How to Think.

And before that came The Book of Common Prayer: A Biography and a critical edition of Auden’s long poem The Age of Anxiety (both Princeton University Press, 2013). You can find a list of my books and (many) other writings at The New Atlantis, where I am a Contributing Editor. You can also look at a PDF of my CV.

Here are some essays I’ve published fairly recently:

  • “Everything Is Illuminated” (on William Blake), at Harper's
  • “Patience” (on Terrence Malick’s A Hidden Life), at The Point
  • “Raising Kael” at Literary Hub
  • “After Technopoly” in The New Atlantis
  • “Prophet of the Human-Built World: An Introduction to John Ruskin” in Comment
  • “Creating Conservative Universities Is Not the Answer” at The Atlantic's Ideas page
  • “Thomas Merton, the Monk Who Became a Prophet” at The New Yorker
  • “The Question without a Solution” in The Weekly Standard
  • “Tending the Digital Commons: A Small Ethics toward the Future” in The Hedgehog Review
  • “Outside In” in Comment
  • “Ecclesial Plurality” in Pro Ecclesia
  • “Wokeness and Myth on Campus” in The New Atlantis
  • “Filth Therapy: A Cunning Word” in Comment
  • “Automata, Animal-Machines, and Us” originally at Education & Culture
  • “When Character No Longer Counts” in National Affairs
  • “The Witness of Literature: A Geneaological Sketch” in The Hedgehog Review
  • “The Watchmen: What Became of the Christian Intellectuals?” in Harper's
  • “Renewing the University” in National Affairs
  • About social media: I am largely absent. I guess have a Twitter, but I only use it to auto-post links from elsewhere — mainly my micro.blog page — and I never see replies. Here’s my personal blog, where I post occasionally.

    If you would like to invite me to speak, first of all Thank you, but some long-term family health issues make any non-mandatory travel impossible for me. I hope to be available at some later season of my life.

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